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Saves up to 90% of energy in one bulb. Light bulb life is up to 50.000 hours.

Smart light bulbs Govee are changing color light bulbs that can sincroniza with music. It has bluetooth and wifi connection that can be used with Alexa and Google Assistant. Control your lights from anywhere and create the perfect lighting with millions of colors and brightness.

Introducing the Smart light bulbs Govee

Smart light bulbs Govee

$89.98 Value

Product Weight : 14 ounces
Dimensions product: 2.36x2.36 x 4.84 inches altitud per unit. 12.3 centimeters longitud per unit: 6 centimeters wide in unit. : 6 centimeters units in package:4
Style: modern
Color: multi colors
Material: plastic
Package includes: light bulb voltage 120 volts

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A little about our products

16 Million DIY Colors

Smart light bulbs Govee own millions of color and 54 preset scene modes, you can explore your favored one or pick one suits your moods most, bringing yourself a real fantastic lighting experience(Working Voltage: AC 120V).

Music Sync

Our smart light bulbs change color and brightness simultaneously when sounds are detected by the microphone on your phone. Note: only works when the microphone is not occupied. Download Smart light bulbs Govee App and enable microphone permissions.

Smart Control

Smart light bulbs Govee color changing light bulbs make it possible to control your bulbs with simple voice commands. And you'd also feel free to turn your smart light bulbs on/off, adjust brightness, or change the colors, set scenes via Smart light bulbs Govee Home App.

Group Control

Wanna manipulate your smart light bulbs and other Govee smart products at the same time? Just need to set scheme and and add them in, then they can be controlled together(please connect you bulbs with stable 2.4Ghz WiFi).

Timer and Schedule

Applying the smart light bulbs to your daily routine now is easier than ever, with timer function and modes like Sunrise & Sunset, you can set your bulbs to brighten when you wake up, and gradually dim when you fall asleep.

High Color Rendering Index

High CRI color changing light bulb is valuable in-home use, it can make objects under the lighting with their original color, bringing you a vivid home atmosphere.

Brightness Adjustable

Our dimmable LED bulb with a tunable brightness from 1%-100%, satisfies your different lighting brightness needs.

Energy Saving

Smart light bulbs Govee can save up to 90% in energy use, and its brightness equivalent to a 60W general bulb. Moreover, the LED lifespan of the bulb can be up to 50,000 hours.

Customers Love Smart light bulbs Govee

don't miss the opportunity and don't let others tell you about it.

At last, a remotely-colored bulb that was designed well. I am an electronic engineer, so I feel totally qualified in writing this review. Most of these Cell Phone APP-controlled colored lights are based on ONE BAD CHINESE DESIGN, which connects directly to your Wi-fi, and must be assigned an internet IP ADDRESS to connect. Since IP ADDRESSES can be continually changed, there is NO SET IDENTIFICATION FOR YOUR PURCHASED LIGHT. This means that if the connections are intermittent or unstable, THE UNITS CAN "FORGET" THEIR IDENTITY AND NOT WORK UNTIL RE-ASSIGNED. As if THAT isn't bad enough, some not-so-clever Chinese guy thought he'd SAVE A PENNY IN MANUFACTURING by NOT putting in a momentary SET push-button, to reset the unit and set it up for receiving an ID setting. Instead, they all want you to TOGGLE THE LIGHT'S POWER ON AND OFF MANY TIMES, to get it into Set Up Mode. Two things happen here - first, the Wi-fi often LOSES CONTACT with the light, so it forgets its IP NUMBER and you are back to units that just flash a bright white light. Secondly, the local power company can have power problems, and that interruption causes the units to ALSO go into RESET, flashing their lights bright white. This happens ALL THE TIME. But it is important to know that THIS PRODUCT works differently from those mentioned above. Instead, the units are operated by BLUETOOTH, which comes out of your Cell Phone, not from a weak Wi-fi Hub. So if you have the Cell Phone with you in the room (within 300 feet of the light), the units will operate, which is convenient since you must use the APP anyway to operate the light. Most importantly, Bluetooth devices (such as these lights) ARE ASSIGNED A FIXED ID WHEN MANUFACTURED. So they CAN'T RESET and lose their IDS. So all one does is turn the lamp on, bring up the Cell Phone APP to seek out nearby Bluetooth devices (be sure that your Bluetooth Mode is ENABLED on your Cell Phone), and let it lock in. The phone APP also connects to Wi-fi, but for other reasons - one is to register the purchase with the manufacturer, and the other is to LINK WITH ALEXA, so you can have her operate the lights by voice command. All in all, this lamp is TROUBLE-FREE, and a pretty neat design. I intend to buy many more of them, now that I ran tests on my first samples.

Robin Leyden

I can't speak for the longevity of this product, but with an hour of use and nerding out testing the features I'm exhaustedly happy. If you want the brightest mode possible don't select white for a color, instead adjust the "warm white / cold white" slider. A slight con is you have to jump through a hoop to setup voice control on your phone; I use Android and I had to install Google Home on my phone and link the Govee app to it, this way I can use my phrases like "Hey google, turn bedroom lights on for 5 minutes". I've also set schedules so the lights in my bedroom slowly turn on over the course of 15 minutes when I wake up for work (haven't tested yet). The bulbs were easy to setup, downloaded the Govee app on my phone, screwed the Govee bulbs in, flicked the light switch on, searched for the lights in the app and they connect no problem. It also prompted me for WIFI information, so I think I can turn my lights on and off when I'm not home, but I haven't tested this yet. You need to leave your physical light switches on, but from what I've read you should still save on energy using these LED bulbs. If you want to turn a light on manually, but the light is off and the physical switch is on, all you have to do is flick the switch off and on again.


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