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High quality light bulb saves energy easy to install.

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Combine all your light bulbs into one product. For your room, kitchen, large room and outside use. This downlight ultra fine has the capacity to brighten up any space while saving energy and money.

It consumes 95% less than a regular traditional light bulb.

High quality light bulb

Saves 10 dollars

Wattage:12 W
Size: 6 inches
Equals to 100W
luminous flux 850 lumens
CCT daylight illumination 500K
CRI 80 +
Recommended damp area: range attenuation 5% - 100%

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A little about our products

Sturdy Springs

Easy to install, our recessed light quickly attaches to the ceiling with its well-constructed snap springs.

Ultra Slim Light Body

Only needed 2-inch of clearance height, this super thin recessed light eliminates the need for extra housing cans while also saving you more ceiling space.

Junction Box

This recessed light with included slim junction box can be installed in ceilings without the need for housing cans. Easily and quickly install it within several steps.

Heat Sink

This aluminum shell has a good heat dissipation, which is resistant to corrosion and suitable for use in damp locations.

If you’re troubled by small space in your ceiling or high energy costs, then this daylight recessed ultra-thin light is your must-have solution.

Slim Design:

For those whose ceilings are too small for standard LED flush light panels, we launched this recessed slim panel LED downlight. Only needing 2 inches of clearance, this bight light supports retrofit, remodeling, or new construction installations.

Easy Installation:

The ultra-thin design allows you to install this light from below the ceiling. Only 2 inches of clearance is needed, making this light perfect for retrofit, remodel or new construction installation.

Compatible Dimmers

Regular dimmers: CTCL-153P, DVCL-153P, S-600P, SLV-600P, CN-600P, MAW-600, DVWCL-153P, TG-603, SCL-153P, DVWCL-153PH-WH, TG-600PNL
Smart dimmers: P-BDG-PKG1W, P-BDG-PKG2W-A, PD-6WCL-WH
Compatible with Leviton: DW6HD-1BZ, DW1KD-ABZ
Note: The spring clips max can fix the light on a 0.59-inch thick ceiling.

Customers Love High quality light bulb

don't miss the opportunity and don't let others tell you about it.

The first time I purchased these, I went with the 6PK. to remove some old florescent lighting in my basement. I removed 2 2X4 fluorescent light fixtures for 6 of these lights and they turned out amazing! So in the next project with lights, I was building a bedroom in my basement and needed to add lights to the newly spaced laundry room and the newly built bedroom. I went with 4 lights on a dimmer in the 11X10 bedroom and 4 lights on a dimmer in the10x10 laundry space and again, turned out great! the rooms are well lit, and easy to install. Very easy to install. You cut your hole, the lights come with templates, run the wire to the box that comes with the lights, and snap the light onto the drywayy/drop ceiling/ composit board. Now, i've ordered a 12pk and plan to remove hanging light fixtures in my kitchen and installing 4 over that space and 3 down my hallway. Ill try to post pirctures. I do recomend these!! Update: installed and i still love them. I picked up di.mers, but didn't need them. They work with the old dimmer


Nice bright light and design, I am sensitive to the glare as they are flat so perhaps a slight recess would be better for me. I cut a hole with a drywall saw and found an easy way to measure the opening. Just use a standard one gallon paint can cover and put a screw in the middle, attach to ceiling then outline from the smaller inner rim. Cut outside the line, it was a tight fit so I'm sure using the outer rim would work also. Either way, the paint cover helps to visualize where you're putting the light.


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