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High quality light bulb (#380)
High quality light bulb (#380)
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High quality light bulb (#380)
High quality light bulb (#380)

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I ordered these without much knowledge of the product details. I haven’t actually installed these in their final locations but I wanted to see how the process worked. I added photos of a mock-up I did using 14-2 Romex wire. I wired this as if I was going to place several on one circuit. The test piece of plywood is 3/8” with a 6 1/4” hole. These are designed to install easily with the correct tools. The spring retainers firmly hold the fixture in this plywood so they should hold fine in material 1/2” thick. The box with the electrical connections has a hinged cover and working inside the box is tight. Pulling slack out through the box, making connections and then pulling the slack back, tucking in the connections then tightening the clamps worked for me. I used 3/8” clamp connectors for the 1/2” knockouts located on the side of the connection box. For the final install I think I’ll place the inbound and outbound wire in the same clamp only opening up one side/knockout. I will update this once I get everything installed and powered.


I never write reviews but man i love these lights.!!. especially for old construction work they are only the thickness of the drywall..so if u have any obstructions when u drill through like a joist. Hvac etc. U can still install. Only feedback is the gauge of the wiring is pitiful even compared to the 14-2 I was wiring too..so a little tricky wiring butting with something so flimsy but that's sort of normal for even paddle fans now a days . Also watch your fingers if removing, those spring clips are similar to getting smacked by a mouse trap..I did it twice lol

mike trudnak

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Frequently Asked Questions:

“Damp location” and “wet location” are NOT the same! Whoever says otherwise, (be aware) individual has no clue of the NEC definition.
*Master Electrician here (in 3 states)

Our 4″ Slim Downlight with Junction box is not designed to work with any smart device. We don’t carry any lighting fixture that will work with smart switches right now.

Yes you can wire these to a non-dimmer switch. But in my humble opinion, they are infinitely better with the dimmer switch.

In practice, most lighting circuits are controlled by a 15 amp circuit breaker, and therefore 14 gauge wire is acceptable. Circuits with power outlets are often controlled by 20 amp breakers and should be wired with 12 gauge wire. Always match the gauge of wire to the capacity of the circuit breaker. It’s a good idea to always use 12 gauge to future proof all your circuits.

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